Josh’s Promotion to Make Ready Technician

Not long ago, Joshua was promoted from his role of Porter at St. Andrews into the role of Make Ready Technician at the community. He took a little bit of time out of his day to give us the scoop on the new role, his thoughts on Venterra, as well as his takeaways on being part of the St. Andrews Team.

Check out what he had to say about his move to Make Ready Technician in the video below!

Our Leader Promise to “strive to promote from within,” definitely comes to mind when looking at the success that St. Andrews has had in moving employees up the ladder recently. Other St. Andrews employees to have stepped into a new role the past year include Patrick and Philip, and thanks to his hard work and dedication in the Make Ready Technician role, just last month Josh was promoted yet again!  He now holds the title of Maintenance Technician/Assistant Maintenance Manager at the community.

Congrats on the promotions, Josh! Way to go!

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