Venterra’s success is rooted in our Core Values – values that define who we are and how we conduct ourselves. It is the bond that ties us together and gives our organization strength. To succeed at Venterra, our employees must be earnest believers in these values, exhibiting a sincere commitment to all that Venterra aspires to be.

Honesty and Integrity – The highest standard of Integrity and Honesty will permeate all of our actions. Humility – We are always learning. We will not allow personal or corporate arrogance to get in the way of progress and success. Never-ending Pursuit of Excellence – We take pride in what we do and our pursuit of a “Better Way” never ends. We have an intense sense of urgency in everything we do. Candor and Openness – We will respectfully tell each other the truth; both the good and the bad. Politics will not be allowed to get in the way of our pursuit of excellence. Unparalleled Service Excellence – We aim to be the standard of service excellence against which others measure themselves in our industry. Team First – While we encourage and reward individual achievements, we make team success a priority. We will make personal sacrifices to ensure the team succeeds. Prudent Cost Management – We will make careful and sensible value-based decisions about all money and other resources entrusted to us.

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