About Us


Venterra specializes in the identification, development, finance, acquisition, and management of multi-family residential communities in the southern United States. Venterra currently manages a portfolio of multi-family real estate assets totaling over $4.8 billion in value, generating gross annual income of approximately $375 million. Our organization has completed over $9.0 billion of real estate transactions. Venterra has corporate offices in both Houston and Toronto and employs over 700 people.

Venterra’s mission is to acquire, develop, and manage multi-family real estate assets that deliver superior cash flow and long-term appreciation for our investors while preserving capital.


Today we develop, own, and manage approximately 80 mixed-use and apartment communities across the South and Southeastern US. We are home to over 45,000 residents and 15,000 pets. That’s a big responsibility, and we are committed to doing it with excellence, improving the lives of our residents, by delivering an industry-leading customer experience. We are also committed to providing an employee experience that allows our people to flourish professionally and personally. Our seven Core Values are both our guide and our conscience in this pursuit. We’ve grown into a company that is paving a new way in the industry, where our employees can make a difference, career growth is available, and where renters are provided an excellent living experience. This is essentially the Venterra Brand. It’s how we see ourselves, and how others see us.

Our mark is meant to reflect our identity and brand. We call it Velo, short
for Venterra Lotus.

Venterra’s identity is rooted deeply in Our seven Core Values which encourages a culture of honesty, integrity, respect, and humility to flourish in the never-ending pursuit of excellence.

The design of Venterra’s logo represents the growth of our company as a whole – our people, our cultural strength, and our expanding footprint of assets and projects.

The diamond on top symbolizes the excellence we pursue in all our endeavors.

The four leaves represent our 4 operating pillars – Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Operating Excellence, and Technology/Innovation.

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