Venterra Realty is a well-capitalized, privately held company. We purchase, build and operate well located, Class ‘A’, institutional quality apartment real estate. Our apartments are located in high growth markets in select U.S. cities that are demonstrating sustainable growth. Once acquired or developed, we apply our proven combination of leading technology and operating platform excellence to directly manage the properties, thereby delivering steady quarterly yield and alpha returns to our investors.


  • Deep senior management team that draws from long real estate experience and diverse experience from other industries, leading to industry-leading introductions of best practices from manufacturing, distribution and technology fields.
  • All aspects of company operations from development to acquisition to property operations to accounting and finance are staffed by our industry-leading team of Venterra employees.

Current Portfolio

  • $4.8 Billion+ assets under management 
  • Approximately 80 ‘A’ properties in numerous Southern U.S. markets 
  • 23,000+ apartment units 
  • 700+ employees 

Investment Strategy

  • Discipline, Patience, Control, Excellence.
  • Deals done only when we find exceptional value. We do not have the pressure to deploy capital from a fund and we are profitable from ongoing operations.
  • All due diligence done in house (engineering, physical inspection, numerical analysis, etc.). We will be operating the asset upon acquisition, and we want to know first-hand everything about it.
  • Choose assets that yield solid quarterly cash-on-cash from day one. Our assets do not rely on large capital gains to achieve their investment goals.

Operating Strategy

  • Centralize Automate Liberate. Locate all complex processes in centers of excellence, then apply rigorous automation to increase speed, reduce costs and exercise real-time operating control. This approach then allows our people on-site to focus on the customer experience.
  • Venterra is the industry-leading Customer/Employee Experience Innovator.


  • Approval rating on is 60% higher than competitors with 97% Top-Rated communities.
  • Named one of the Fortune™ Best Workplaces in Real Estate.
  • Ranked on the PEOPLE Companies That Care list.
  • One of Fortune™ Magazine’s Top 100 Best Workplaces in America six years in a row.
  • Four-time Glassdoor Best Places to Work winner.
  • John Foresi named a two-time Glassdoor Top CEO.
  • Named a Best Workplace for Women, Best Workplace for Diversity, Best Workplaces for Millennials, Best Workplaces in Canada, and a Best Workplace in Texas by the Great Place to Work Institute® 

Financial Track Record

  • Roundtrip investments (bought, operated, sold) during 19-year history: 18.04% IRR average (i.e. annualized returns).
  • Historic outperformance over S&P 500 over 19-year history: 820 bps.
  • Consistently outperform top 7 US Multi-family REITS in revenue and profit growth.
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