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WOW is a verb at Venterra. “I want to WOW Melissa” is an example of what you might hear in the back offices of our communities after an interaction with a resident. Since the launch of the WOW Matters initiative, our teams have been empowered to make a difference in the lives of Venterra residents. Equipped with a budget and passion for exceeding the needs of our residents, our teams are able to create WOW moments every day.


WOW Matters Culture | Venterra

WOW is also an expression. We aim to make our team members say “WOW! I can’t believe you knew!” when they are the recipients of a WOW moment. WOW + Employee Experience = WOW-EE, a program that provides our Experience Leaders with tools to make a difference for their team members when it matters most.

WOWing is part of the Venterra culture and empowers us to do the right thing, help someone reach their goals, go above and beyond to make the experience exceptional, and stand out as a company that cares more. WOWing increases levels of happiness and life satisfaction. When team members see that their leaders are compassionate and kind, trust levels are elevated, and they are inspired to WOW our customers.

It strengthens connections so that everyone benefits from the enhanced relationships and productivity that stems from it. A sense of community is created when people go above and beyond for the benefit of someone else, and we’re in the business of building communities.

Hear what our team members have to say about WOW Matters!


Our WOW Matters culture and the results are evident through our annual WOW Matters Contest and Venterra Experience book.

The latest edition of our Venterra Experience book, which looks back at 2021 & 2022, was published in November 2023. 

You can learn more about the Venterra Experience and our WOW Matters Culture right now! Select a publication below to learn about the Venterra Experience and read our WOW stories from each book!



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