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WOW Matters Culture | Venterra At Venterra, our WOW Matters Culture raises the standard of apartment living through our commitment to exceptional service and a never-ending focus on the core elements of the resident’s living experience. We’ve made a promise to our residents. It’s written on the back of our business cards. We go about operating our communities with these promises in mind.

Keep it Simple. I Keep it Clean. I Keep it Fun. I Keep it Working. I Make it Exceptional.

Our commitment of caring is an underlying theme to everything we do. We appreciate our residents and will show that appreciation through providing an environment where they are surrounded by people who care and work to improve the quality of their lives. Part of our WOW Matters culture can be heard through our stories of great customer service that highlight our Customer Service Promises.

WOW Matters Culture | Venterra

In our WOW Matters culture, our residents deserve to be spoiled and to know just how much they’re appreciated, but we believe that our employees do, too.

Venterra is full of amazing individuals who are living up to our high expectations every day by making an impact on our organization, in the lives of their residents, and in their communities.

In keeping with our Leader Promise to appreciate and recognize those on our team, our WoW-EE program is our way of giving back for all that they do by creating personalized moments inside or outside the office that are truly meaningful to them as individuals.


Our WOW Matters culture and the results are evident through our annual WOW Matters Contest and Venterra Experience book.

Our 12th Anniversary edition of the Venterra Experience book, which looks back at last year, was published in June 2021. 

Read for Yourself about our WOW Matters Culture with WOW Moment after WOW Moment right now. Select a publication below to learn about the Venterra Experience and read our WOW stories from each book!




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