Celebrating Success

All work and no play is…no fun! At Venterra, we work hard but we make time to have fun at work & celebrate individual, team and company success. As a result, customers enjoy doing business with us, employees want to work for us and stay with us and overall morale and productivity improves which lead to great business results!

Every year at our annual Kick-Off Parties we get an opportunity to give back for all the hard work our teams put in the previous year. Appreciation is shown through awards of all types for individuals and teams, through heartfelt speeches from our executive team, by giving out tons of prizes, and by just having a chance to enjoy an all around amazing time!

All the excitement is a great way for us to gear up for the new year and this year’s party was no exception. This year our employees enjoyed Roaring 20s themed events! The 2020 Kick-Off Parties included the unveiling of our newest WOW book, tons of great get-ups, photo booths, 20s style entertainment, prizes, and all of our employees roaring in the new decade in their own way.

2020 Kick-Off parties were held in Houston and Atlanta, and we were delighted to see everyone’s smiling and excited faces again! The opportunity to mingle with a variety of shining Venterra employees from other regions is a huge part of what makes the parties such a blast to attend. Kick-Off is just one example of how we follow through with our Leader Promise of ‘making the time to have fun and celebrate Success!’

And at our Annual Leadership Conference, our managers and corporate team get together to learn, celebrate, and have a blast! Each year we aim to strengthen and enrich the individuals charged with keeping the company spirit strong across the portfolio!

Venterra Leadership Conference 2019 was held off the river walk in San Antonio, TX where Experience Leaders had a chance to learn and have a great time at the innovation-focused event! Among other topics, areas covered in speeches at the leadership conference this year included innovation as it relates to the power of customer choice, the power of social media in recruitment efforts, ways to increase efficiency when it comes to task management at work, changing demographics in our regions and in the U.S., and keynote speaker, John DiJulius, of the DiJulius group, inspired our leaders to help be part of the customer service revolution before signing copies of his latest book, The Customer Service Revolution, for our leaders to take home.

Festivities at the Venterra Leadership Conference also included our annual trade show where dog toys were collected from attendees for donation to San Antonio Pets Alive, a Manager Appreciation Night at Margaritaville, prize giveaways, the announcement of our 2018 WOW-EE Grand Prize Winner, and Better Living breaks that included games, yoga, and even a healthy cooking demo, and our 2018 “Of the Region” Maintenance and Community Manager Winners were gifted a margarita machine in line with our Margaritaville theme.

Check out our stories to hear more about what our teams do to have fun and celebrate success. You’ll see that whether it’s eating food, dancing or simply thanking each other, we keep each other motivated, enjoy what we do and celebrate along the way.

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