Phone Interview Pitfalls

phone interview questionsSo you’re looking to land your dream job. Depending on the type of position you’re applying for you might just find yourself in a phone interview trying to make a great first impression without being able to rely on your killer smile.

It can definitely be a nerve-racking experience, and like any interview, the more preparation you can do in advance, the more likely you’ll be to knock the socks off your would-be employer, and as important as knowing the right things to say and do during a phone interview is knowing what to avoid.

Fortunately, Glassdoor’s article “12 Things to Never Do During a Phone Interview” has a great breakdown of some common phone interview missteps.

From preparation prior to the call to the questions you should probably hold off on asking until later, the list is definitely a great go-to for some phone interview basics, and might just make all the difference in you landing a spot in the second round of interviews. While you’re visiting Glassdoor, be sure to also check out our company profile to see what our employees and candidates have to say about working at and interviewing with Venterra!

Have some phone interview “pro tips” of your own? Be sure to tell us about them in the comments section below!

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