Patrick’s Promotion to Make Ready Technician

Newly promoted St. Andrews Apartments Make Ready Tech, Patrick shared his thoughts on Venterra and his new role with us on camera. Quickly discovering he had the skills to succeed in another role allowed us to promote him in no time at all. His promotion from Porter to Make Ready Tech is another great example of us following through on our Leader Promise to “strive to promote from within!” Check out what Patrick had to say in the video below!

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Our Better Way Program in 2016

Our Better Way program is a true embodiment of all that Venterra stands for and represents the good, hard working team members who truly care about making Venterra better in every way.  It symbolizes our collaborative and innovative culture and a unique approach to Operational Excellence that is making a difference. The Better Way Program is an important initiative truly rooted in the culture of Venterra with the goals of providing a Better Way of

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Our 2017 Kick-Off Was Boss, Daddy-O!

Every year at our annual Kick-Off Party we get an opportunity to give back for all the hard work our teams put in the previous year. Appreciation is shown through awards of all types for individuals and teams, through heartfelt speeches from our executive team, by giving out tons of prizes, and by just having a chance to enjoy an all around amazing time! All the excitement is a great way for us to gear up for the New Year and this

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Women in HVACR Careers

While it’s estimated that nearly a quarter of the U.S. workforce will be retiring within eight years, it’s likely that the HVAC industry will be hit even harder by the labor gap given current HVAC employee demographics. HVAC skilled employees are critical in an industry like ours, so keeping an eye on this trend is a must. So how do we face the upcoming shortage of employees? To Nicole Krawcke at ACHR News the solution is

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Venterra Fantasy Football League

The past few months have been action packed for Venterra Football fans who’ve had an opportunity to participate in Venterra’s company wide Football Pool via Yahoo’s 2016 Fantasy Football League! Employees were able to join either a “Pick ‘Em League,” making weekly selections of teams they anticipated winning or a “Survival League,” where they were able to advance week after week by selecting the correct a game winner each week, but were only able to

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