Our Better Way Program in 2016

better way programOur Better Way program is a true embodiment of all that Venterra stands for and represents the good, hard working team members who truly care about making Venterra better in every way.  It symbolizes our collaborative and innovative culture and a unique approach to Operational Excellence that is making a difference.

The Better Way Program is an important initiative truly rooted in the culture of Venterra with the goals of providing a Better Way of Living for customers and a Better Way of Life for our team members.  Gathering ideas and working together to continuously improve our operations is what makes Venterra one of the best companies in the business!

It’s a program that truly embodies our core values by ensuring every Venterra team member has a voice and we are able to recognize the collective experience of the Venterra team.

The Better Way once again set a new standard in 2016. We had over 700 submissions in the year and 75 winning suggestions! Each winning suggestion earned the employee behind it $100 and eligibility for the regional Better Way contest with $500 to each winner and the $2,000 annual Better Way Grand Prize!

Since rolling out the Better Living program in 2011 we’ve had over 3,000 total submissions, 215 winners, and given out $60,000 in total prizes and awards to Venterra employees!

Congrats to all the Better Way winners in 2016!

We’ve kicked 2017 off with a bang by rewarding Better Way winners with $200 for each winning suggestion through February! We can’t wait for all the new Better Way ideas that 2017 has in store!  

Know someone who should be coming up with Better Ways at Venterra? Refer them to us you could find yourself $250 richer.

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