Interviewing? Power Pose First.

In a 2012 TED Talk, social psychologist Amy Cuddy showed the impact that “power posing” can play in the chemicals that are delivered to your brain and, as a result, the way that you are perceived by others. Part of the talk included an experiment in which one group spent just two minutes of high power posing prior to an interview. Something like this: and another group spent their two minutes low power posing prior […]

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2014 Toronto CIBC Run for the Cure!

The Richmond Hill Office Team recently participated in their Run for the Cure! The team has been very active in raising funds towards the cause of ending breast cancer this year with a total of $4,472 raised through the race and a number of other activities! Way to go Team Toronto! Additional events held by the team have included raffles, auctions, a bake sale, contests, tournaments, and much more! Included in the fund raising mix was Miguel Ramirez’s weekly

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Better Living Team Contest Winners!

To encourage our teams to continue traveling on their paths to Better Living we recently held a Better Living Team Contest where we asked our communities to show what they were doing to Live Better as a group. We were originally offering up a whopping $500 to each of the two favorite teams who entered the contest, but we had such a hard time choosing that we ended up rewarding three! Check out what the

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2014 Austin Race for the Cure!

The Austin Region participated in their SGK Race for the Cure on Sunday, November 16th!   Thanks to the following people for participating in the Austin Race: Veronica Barcenas Justin Callahan Jessica Harrison Leland McPherson Nelson Mejia Patrick Morris Jessica Nofsinger Danielle Roberson Dayro Santos A special thanks to Karter Harrison who raised $100 for the cause! 

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The Georgia Maintenance Managers Take Up Arms!

Our Georgia Maintenance Managers recently had an action-packed event. For their Q4 meeting, which is traditionally one where our employees get to have a little more fun than usual, the team suited up and got battle ready! The day consisted of several games of paintball at Hotshots (a local venue) with skirmishes that included several different types of games like capture the flag, zombies, and team death match. After working up an appetite through their battles, the

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