Make a First Impression That Speaks Before You Do

Everyone knows that the first professional face to face meeting with someone can be a make or break moment that sets the tone for your future interactions. This is never more true than when it comes to a hunt for a dream job. While you might be able to shine on paper, it’s critical that you do the same during a first impression. Courtesy of image consultant Kerry Cordero and comes an article that can help […]

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We’re on a Platinum Streak!

Since 2000, the Ellis Shopping Report Multifamily Benchmark prides themselves in providing the most current tools to help monitor and evaluate on-site sales and marketing effectiveness as well as recognize the leasing performance of participating companies across the United States and measures performance against others in the multifamily industry. The basic premise of the Benchmark is evaluating performance on 10 key questions in the Shopping Report. Participants qualify for Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Recognized Participant.

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Brittany Hits the Big Time!

We want our employees to constantly be chasing after their dreams. From evaluations that focus on growth to our Better Living program that focuses on making a difference in their personal lives and the lives of others we want the individuals on our teams to reach for the stars. Recently, Park Manor Community Manager, Michelle Meigs went above and beyond for her Leasing Consultant, Brittany Figel by wowing her in a way that Brittany is sure to remember! Here’s the story in Michelle’s own

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Do You Need Renters Insurance?

Recently some friends of mine received a call early in the morning from a former neighbor stating that their out of state condo was on fire. My friends had moved to another state and were leasing their condo in the interim. Their tenant had thrown a cigarette away in the trash without thinking and went to bed. He was awakened by thick black smoke in the condo. Luckily, he was able to get out without

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The Houston Corporate Team Goes Bowling!

In keeping with our Leader Promise to make time to have fun, the crew from the Houston Corporate office recently headed to the local bowling alley where they laced up and hit the lanes! While pin toppling skills proved to vary from person to person, the level of fun was high all around, and a great time was had by everyone who made it out! What a great way to have a little fun away from the office! Keep up the

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