Make a First Impression That Speaks Before You Do

FirstImpression-GDEveryone knows that the first professional face to face meeting with someone can be a make or break moment that sets the tone for your future interactions. This is never more true than when it comes to a hunt for a dream job. While you might be able to shine on paper, it’s critical that you do the same during a first impression.

Courtesy of image consultant Kerry Cordero and comes an article that can help you stand out from the crowd (in a good way!) before you even get to introductions. These five pointers are sure to help smooth the pathway towards an amazing career!


1. Project an Air of Confidence and Positivity. Recall a specific time when you accomplished something

2. Be Mindful of Your Posture. Keep your shoulders square, avoid shaky legs, power pose, sit naturally, and stand at an appropriate distance.

3. Make a Statement With Your Clothing. Keep in mind three A’s: appropriate, authoritative, and authentic.

4. Remember the Eyes Have It. Because your eyes convey your essence, that’s where you want a new contact’s gaze to settle.

5. Perfect Your Handshake—With a Twist. Simply turning your hand over your acquaintance’s, so you’re palm to palm with yours on top, is a tiny power move.

In the same way that a negative first impression can be tough to overcome, a positive one is just as tough to change. Why not make sure you nail it? Next time you’re hoping to win the heart of a new connection be sure to keep these simple pointers in mind and you’re sure to shine.

For all the details on these pointers be sure to check out TheMuse’s full article on How to Make a Killer First Impression Before You Even Open Your Mouth!

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