Houston Family Fun Day 2015

Some of our teams recently participated in the Houston Family Fun Day! Teams in the region had a chance to get together with coworkers and their families to spend the day having a blast! From go karts, to air hockey, to face painting, and more, there was definitely something for every taste and for kids of all ages! Check out the action packed day in the video below. Thanks for all you do, Team Houston!

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A Cut Above the Rest

Our community teams do such an amazing job of WOWing our residents on a daily basis. They always have they’re listening ears on so they can act when an opportunity arises. And every so often there are WOW experiences where our residents are involved alongside our teams to help make a difference in a neighbor’s life. This recently happened at Champions Green Apartments in Alpharetta, GA. This experience was so moving that we had to

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#AptChat Talks with Stephanie Gonzalez!

Stephanie Gonzalez, our director of Marketing and Customer Experience, recently had the honor of being featured in an article by Apartment Chat, an open discussion on Twitter about the apartment industry. From her start in the business to what might be in store for it, #AptChat got her to open up on what makes her tick and keeps her motivated to come to work in an innovative mood every day. The article touches on topics including review sites,

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Hank: Bark Park Inspector Extraordinare

Our communities’ awesome Bark Parks don’t happen by magic. They take a lot of work to get in place and to keep up with afterwards. On the Venterra team there is just ONE individual who has their BPI Certification so they can take on this huge task the way it should be done. He might be the quiet type, but he has an amazing nose for finding the best ways to keep these amenities up to par in our Houston communities. Who would

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