5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams

We’re all about encouraging folks to chase their dreams. From our Better Living program to regular evaluations focused on direction for growth, we want our people to find a place where they have a passion for what each day has in store. After all, isn’t that what life is all about? Everyone has a dream. No matter what yours is, some guidance on how to turn it into a reality can go a long way. With this in […]

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WOW-EE! Our Employees Really Have it Coming to Them.

A much anticipated program has been officially released: WoW-EE! The WoW-EE program works a lot like our current WoW Program for our residents: Each community is allocated a budget to spend for the sole purpose of creating amazing, personalized moments. These stories will be shared with the rest of Team Venterra. Employees get an opportunity to comment on and vote for their favorite stories. These votes turn into monetary rewards to encourage the creation of even more WoW moments! So… how is Wow-EE

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The Venterra Fun Committee – Unleashed!

At our annual Kickoff party earlier this year a promise was made by our Chief Operating Officer, Richard Roos. What was that promise? THAT WE ARE GOING TO HAVE MORE FUN!  With this in mind we decided to embark on a journey of smiles and laughter, surprises and memories through the formation of The Venterra Fun Committee! The committee is tasked with the mission of working hard to make sure fun becomes a lasting part of

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Crawfish Anyone?

The Houston Corporate office’s monthly social event recently took took a turn for the Cajun! The team got to enjoy a potluck feast complete with corn, sausage, and an enormous amount of boiled crawfish! The crawfish came courtesy of our Senior Revenue Manager, Daniel Hamann and resulted in some folks on the team taking their first ‘crack’ at the little critters! As you might imagine from taking a look at the bounty of food in the photo above, the

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Interviewing? There are a few things you should know…

If you’ve got an interview in store in the near future, how great would it be to know what interviewers are hoping to hear from you? Well, here’s your chance. Courtesy of LinkedIn Influencer, Jeff Haden’s article “9 Things Interviews Never Tell Job Candidates, But Should” available here, comes a great inside peek into the minds of recruiters. 1. “I really want you to be likable.” We all want to work with people we like… and

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