Interviewing? There are a few things you should know…

InterviewerThoughtsSliderIf you’ve got an interview in store in the near future, how great would it be to know what interviewers are hoping to hear from you? Well, here’s your chance.

Courtesy of LinkedIn Influencer, Jeff Haden’s article “9 Things Interviews Never Tell Job Candidates, But Should” available here, comes a great inside peek into the minds of recruiters.

1. “I really want you to be likable.”

We all want to work with people we like… and who in turn like us.

2. “Please don’t start by telling me how much you want the job.”

We do want you to want the job — but not before you really know what the job entails.

3. “I really want you to stand out.”

That means the more people we interview for a job, the more likely we are to remember certain candidates by impressions rather than by a long list of facts.

4. “But I don’t want you to stand out for being negative.”

Never forget that an interview is like a first date. We know we’re seeing the best possible version of “you.”

5. “I really want you to ask questions that are truly important to you.”

We need to know whether we should hire you, but just as importantly we need you to make sure our job is a great fit for you.

6. “But I wish you wouldn’t ask questions that have little to do with work.”

First let’s find out if you’re the right person for the job, and whether the tasks, responsibilities, duties, etc. are right for you. Then we can talk about the rest.

7. “I love when you show you can hit the ground running.”

In short, we’re happy to help you develop into a superstar… but we love when you’re already a star.

8. “Now I want you to tell me you want the job – and why.

By the end of the interview you should have a good sense of whether you want the job.

9. “I like when you follow up, especially when it’s genuine.”

Every interviewer appreciates a brief follow-up note. What we really like – and remember – is when you follow up based on something we discussed.

For all of the examples and insights that Jeff presents for each of these points be sure to check out his full article!

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