Hayley Gets WoW-EEd!

With our WoW-EE program in full swing we wanted to share an amazing story posted by Forest View Community Manager, Brenda Grasha of how the teams at Timber Mill, Forest View & Ravinia made a difference in the life of our Leasing Consultant, Hayley. “Hayley recently moved from Indiana to Houston with her husband and were living with family. When she was hired at Timber Mill, they chose to make The Ravinia their new home & we soon […]

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Love and Support During Rebecca’s Time of Need

  Erin Dobias, Monticello Oaks’ Community Manager and recent participant in the Fort Worth Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, shared with us a beautiful story about why this year’s race was especially significant for their team: Their long term resident, Rebecca has become very close with Erin and the team while she and her husband have lived at the community. Recently, Rebecca informed Erin that she had received some bad news: she had developed breast cancer.

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A Time to Honor American Heros

Why do we honor our American Heroes on Memorial Day? It started with the Civil War, in which over half a million died. The war started in 1861 and lasted through 1865 where the last battle was fought in Venterra’s home state, at Palmito Ranch, Texas on May 13th. On May 5th 1868, General Logan issued General Orders No. 11 which set aside May 30th “…for decorating the graves of comrades who die in defense

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Feeling uninspired? Your walls might be to blame.

If you find yourself feeling gloomy, uninspired, or dragging the reason might not be what you’d expect. If your work space is a boring beige, gray, or white it could actually be negatively impacting your productivity. It’s time for an office makeover! Colors in the low-wavelengths (think greens and blues) can help you be your most focused and efficient self. High-wavelengths, like reds and oranges, are great for grabbing attention and keeping your energy up, while

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Apartment Living Like a Pro!

If you’ve embraced all the perks of apartment living the way that we have, we think it’s important that you are doing it to the best of your ability! Courtesy of refinery29.com comes some great tips for making the most out of a limited space. Whether you might find yourself looking for decoration inspiration or feeling like your place is a bit cluttered, these pointers are sure to help your space maximizing and apartment living skills grow! 1. Make

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