SpaceSaveSliderIf you’ve embraced all the perks of apartment living the way that we have, we think it’s important that you are doing it to the best of your ability! Courtesy of comes some great tips for making the most out of a limited space. Whether you might find yourself looking for decoration inspiration or feeling like your place is a bit cluttered, these pointers are sure to help your space maximizing and apartment living skills grow!

1. Make use of every available wall space. 

2. Look out for multi-functional furniture. 

3. Shop for shape.

4. Make your furniture count. 

5. Let it float. 

6. Carve out an entryway.

7. Slip in storage any place you can. 

8. Make like a ghost. 

9. Studio dweller? Think in “zones.”

10. Or, if you have the room, create a wall with a screen.

11. Double up your tables. 

For the full scoop including clarification, advise, and examples on each tip be sure to take a minute or two to check out the full article/slideshow “11 Small-Space Living Tricks From Real-Life Apartments” here! Happy space maximizing!


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