Venterra Waters Down!

Our focus on Better Living is a big part of Venterra’s unique culture. In addition to encouraging working on personal goals, this year we’ve created 30 Day Better Living challenges. Each month a new 30 Day Challenge will roll out and everyone is invited to participate. What better way to break old habits and start positive new ones than doing so with the support of everyone around us? As a little extra motivation to participate, everyone who participates in a 30 Day Challenge and completes it will win a prize!

InHydrationSlider April we had our 30 Days of Hydration challenge. Many of the Better Living goals from last year were to drink more water and cut out sugary beverages. We thought it was a great idea, too! Participants in the April challenge did the math to determine how much water they should be drinking on a daily basis, and were tasked with hitting the number daily by working to replace the unhealthy beverages from their daily routine with good old fashion H2O!

WaterBottleWhat a great response we had! By the end of the hydration challenge there were more than 60 employees who participated in and conquered the goal.

That’s a lot of folks who are enjoying the many health benefits of being well hydrated! As a reward for taking the initiative to healthy up, those who completed the challenge received a fruit infuser water bottle to help encourage them to continue the habit!

Great job stepping up to water down, Venterra!



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