2015 Atlanta Race for the Cure!

Our Atlanta Team was our latest group to participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure! Our Atlanta communities turned out in force to support this great cause. We want to thank the following folks who came out to show their dedication to fighting breast cancer:

Kim Agudelo
Julio Cesar Barrios
Giselle Cerna
Tracy Covil
Kimberly DavisATLSGKCollage
Teri Davis
Jeremy Duvall
Kristen Earle
Brittany Figel
Miguel Garcia
Sandria Hollis
Shawn Hunter
Damion Jackson
Melinda Joglar
Alisha Levine
Craig Marbach
Robert McCrimmon
Michelle Meigs
Tansy Miller
Lauren Moseley
Dennis Rodriguez
Tara Schultz
Troy Shelnutt
Ashley Skinner
Boris Stallworth
Deeandra Trotman
Tammie Wilder

A special “thank you” goes out to Kim Agudelo who raised $125, Kimberly Davis, Melinda Joglar, and Lauren Moseley, who each raised $100, and to Shawn Hunter and Damion Jackson who raised $50 each towards the cause!

In our continued pursuit of Better Living, our employees who raised $100 or more have a FitBit on the way to encourage them to keep on movin’! 

Way to go Team Atlanta!

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