A Time to Honor American Heros

Why do we honor our American Heroes on Memorial Day?
It started with the Civil War, in which over half a million died. The war started in 1861 and lasted through 1865 where the last battle was fought in Venterra’s home state, at Palmito Ranch, Texas on May 13th. On May 5th 1868, General Logan issued General Orders No. 11 which set aside May 30th “…for decorating the graves of comrades who die in defense of their country during the late rebellion.” Since then, we’ve honored the lives of 633,188 fallen in the following wars.
Indian Wars 919 casualties
Great Sioux War 314 casualties
Spanish-American War 2,446 casualties
Philippine-American War 4,196 casualties
Boxer Rebellion 131 casualties
Mexican Revolution 35 casualties
Haiti Occupation 148 casualties
World War I 116,516 casualties
North Russia Campaign 424 casualties
American Exped. Force Siberia 328 casualties
Nicaragua Occupation 48 casualties
World War II 405,399 casualties
Korean War 36,516 casualties
Vietnam War 58,209 casualties
El Salvador Civil War 37 casualties
Beirut 266 casualties
Grenada 19 casualties
Panama 40 casualties
Persian Gulf War 258 casualties
Operation Provide Comfort 19 casualties
Somalia Intervention 43 casualties
Bosnia 12 casualties
NATO Air Campaign Yugoslavia 20 casualties
Afghanistan 2,356 casualties
Iraq 4,489 casualties

Memorial Day is associated with backyard cookouts, the Indianapolis 500, the Lincoln Memorial dedication and spending time with family – as it should be. It also reminds me to be thankful for the men and women close to me that serve our country. There are many: my dad, my friends, those I work with and residents that live at our communities.
In 2000, Congress established a National Moment of Remembrance which asks Americans to pause for one minute at 3:00 in the act of national unity. Venterra honors all of you. Thank you for your dedication to protect our country and our lives.


Ellick, Marine Corps, Villa Lago Apartments- Fort Worth, Texas

marine resident

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