5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams

We’re all about encouraging folks to chase their dreams. From our Better Living program to regular evaluations focused on direction for growth, we want our people to find a place where they have a passion for what each day has in store. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

Everyone has a dream. No matter what yours is, some guidance on how to turn it into a reality can go a long way. With this in mind we’d like to share a TED talks presentation from Brazilian entrepreneur Bel Pesce in which she discusses some common errors in one’s mindset that can keep it from happening.

If you’re too busy working to make your dreams come true to watch the video below, we’re still happy to summarize her five sure fire ways to stray off the path:

      1. Believe in overnight success.
      2. Believe someone else has the answers for you.
      3. Believe when growth is guaranteed you should settle down.
      4. Believe fault is someone else’s.
      5. Believe only the goals themselves are what matter.

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