WOW-EE! Our Employees Really Have it Coming to Them.


A much anticipated program has been officially released: WoW-EE!

The WoW-EE program works a lot like our current WoW Program for our residents:

Each community is allocated a budget to spend for the sole purpose of creating amazing, personalized moments. These stories will be shared with the rest of Team Venterra. Employees get an opportunity to comment on and vote for their favorite stories. These votes turn into monetary rewards to encourage the creation of even more WoW moments!

So… how is Wow-EE different?

WoW-EE is about creating WoW moments for our EMPLOYEES!

The same way that our residents deserve to be spoiled and to know just how much they’re appreciated, our employees do, too. Venterra is full of amazing individuals who are living up to our high expectations every day by making an impact on our organization, in the lives of their residents, and in their communities. Our WoW-EE program is our way of giving back for all that they do by creating moments inside or outside the office that will be truly meaningful to them.

Of course, most of our managers have been finding creative ways to WoW their employees for years, but with the release of WoW-EE they now have an annual budget to really make an impact for those on their team. How cool is that?

We’re looking forward to seeing all the ingenious ways that the program is put to use, but we’re looking forward even more to seeing how it can make a difference in the lives of our people!


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