Football Season 2017: Fantasy Football & Fun Fridays!

football season 2017 jersey fun friday

With football season 2017 officially underway, we’ve got a couple of Venterra traditions back in full swing, too!

Before the season kicked off we announced the start of Venterra Fantasy Football 2017! Similar to past years, we’re holding two different free formats through Yahoo Fantasy Sports and employees can participate in one or both to win cash prizes:

Pick ’em League: Employees can earn money for correctly picking weekly winners, and for having the most right picks over the whole season.

Survival League: Employees can choose the winner of one game each week, but can’t pick the same team more than once during the season.

We’re looking forward to seeing the employees who come out on top during football season 2017 and giving out lots of fantasy football prizes, but, in the meantime, will be enjoying some Jersey Fun Fridays!

In keeping with our Leader Promise to make time to have fun, employees have a blast showing their love for their favorite teams (football or otherwise) during Jersey Fun Fridays. Our first coincided with the season opener and, as you can see to the left, was enjoyed by folks across the portfolio!

Be sure to let us know who you think the teams to beat are going to be this year in the comments below!

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