Paid Time Off at Venterra Just Got Even Better

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Our “never-ending pursuit of excellence” isn’t limited to our top-rated communities or the lifestyle our customers enjoy. It’s a Core Value that permeates everything we do, including the experience we deliver to our colleagues. We’re excited to announce that U.S. Venterra team member PTO has been revamped in some big ways!

  • No more waiting periods. Team members will now start enjoying vacation, sick days, and birthday off perks from day one on our team.
  • Our part-timers now earn vacation time. These critical team members are now earning 50% of the full-time employee benefits in terms of both vacation and sick time.
  • Roll-over tenure for acquisition hires. Employees who join Venterra through the purchase of an existing community now earn vacation time with us based on their start date with the previous management company.
  • Flexible Well-Being day. To allow time to recharge and focus on wellness, we’ve added an annual Well-Being Day for all full-time and part-time employees to use, as needed.
  • Faster vacation earnings. Our 2nd tier threshold has been lowered, so that team members enjoy 15 days of vacation after three years with us, instead of four.
  • More vacation earnings. An additional tier was added to reward our most tenured employees.
  • Longer vacation earnings. The accrual max was increased at every tier to match what our team members earn.

A healthy work-life balance is a critical part of a great company culture, so we hope these changes give our current and future team members an opportunity to enjoy spending even more time focusing on their family, friends, and themselves. Find out more about Venterra team member benefits and perks here!

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