Refer an Employee… Earn $500!

We’re continuing to grow and are paying out referral bonuses for sending candidates our way!

Between new community development and recent acquisitions, the Venterra portfolio is continuing to expand. To keep up with the growth, we’re offering $500 bonuses for referring any candidate who is hired for an open position!

Earning Venterra employee referral bonuses is as easy as sharing our opportunities online or in person. Any candidate hired on with us who provides your information when they apply will turn into a $500 eGift Card sent your way after three months of employment!

Our employee referral program is a win-win! Your referral will enjoy a career as part of Venterra’s award-winning company culture, and you can enjoy having extra spending money, just for sending great candidates our way. We’re now hiring for apartment maintenance, office, and corporate positions! Take a minute to share our career page ( with your network, friends, and/or family, or send candidates to apply for a specific open position directly. 

Check out all of our current multifamily career opportunities here!

In order to be credited for the employee referral, your candidate should indicate “Resident Referral,” “Vendor Referral,” or “Referral,” in the “Source” field on their application under the “Where is the first place you heard about us?” section and will need to include your name and contact information (phone and/or email) in the “Referred By” field as shown below.

Thanks in advance for helping make us an even better organization by sending great people our way!

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