Venterra’s Healthcare Heroes

Our deepest gratitude goes out to the medical professionals who have continued to go above and beyond every day to protect us, our neighbors, and our loved ones. Last month we celebrated our resident Healthcare Heros and resident-nominated Healthcare Heroes with a big thank you in the form of more than $50,000 in gift cards and Healthcare Hero tees. In June, we showed our appreciation by asking for these nominations and waived apartment deposits for medical professionals.

We are beyond inspired by the stories our residents have shared about the Healthcare Heroes in their lives, but we know it’s not just our residents who are sharing their loved ones with those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic Our Venterra team members also have loved ones working hard in medical facilities, supporting the need for testing, treatments, and care of those affected by the virus. Whiles some of us have seen the sacrifices on the news or social media, some of us are witnessing them first -hand.

We are grateful for the dedication and selflessness and want to join our Venterra team members in celebrating their commitment to the communities they serve, so, we encouraged Venterra employees to share the stories of Healthcare Heroes in their lives. As with our resident nominations, we’re celebrating the most inspirational stories with gift cards and t-shirts and of course, our sincere gratitude.

Take a moment to read about a few of our employee-nominated Healthcare Heroes below! 


Healthcare Hero - KaseyKasey – Registered Nurse, Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical Center

“Kasey goes into work every day facing the current pandemic. She would text me saying how hard it has been and witnessing first hand what COVID can do to someone. She has seen patients wait in the waiting rooms for 4-5 hours just to be seen by a doctor or medical professional. I thank her every day for being a healthcare hero!”

-Kathryn Devine – Community Manager, Bradford Mill Lofts


Jacob - Healthcare HeroJacob – Registered Nurse, Medical City McKinney & Texoma Medical Center

“Jacob is a hero because every day he puts others first. He is an ICU, ER, and COVID unit RN. He has truly dedicated his life to helping others. He remains calm, cool, and collected even with unbelievable amounts of stress. After work, he is a devoted husband and father. He is an amazing husband to my sister, Jennifer. Jacob is the epitome of committed to his three boys Aiden, Ethan, and Ryland. With professional life and work life, I do not even know if this man sleeps! AMAZING!”

-Stephanie Burns – Sr. Community Manager, Estancia at Morningstar

Whitney - Healthcare HeroWhitney – Asst. Occupational Therapist, The Pavillion at Creekwood

“Whitney is a hero because she cares deeply for the elderly residents at her facility. She puts her own health at risk by caring for her patients every day. Her facility currently has 15 confirmed COVID cases and counting but she still goes to work without hesitation because she loves caring for others.”

-Lindsey Thomas – Community Manager, Belterra


Is there a Healthcare Hero in your life that the world should know about? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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