Celebrating Venterra’s Healthcare Heroes

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Venterra is the proud home to over 5,000 Healthcare HeroesAs an organization, we appreciate our residents’ commitment to providing special care to members of their communities. Last month, we extended a special thank you to medical professionals by waiving deposits for new leases with approved credit. We also celebrated our current Venterra residents in the medical field by sharing their stories, providing residents with honorary Healthcare Hero t-shirts, and offering over $50,000 in gift cards as our way of simply sayingthank you 

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Over the month of June, we received more than 500 stories from residents nominating healthcare professionals for recognition. We look forward to surprising all of our residents with their t-shirts and gift cards this month! Check out a few of our featured stories below!


Healthcare Heroes Nick from Gateway North Apartments

Gateway North Apartments – Clearwater, FL 

“Nick works in long-term care facilities across Pinellas County. He has worked every day since the announcement of the pandemic hit. Our community was heavily impacted by the pandemic, and despite the advice of his fiancé, he has yet to take a day off to simply recover. He is instilled with love for his career and the highest level of care for his patients. Every day he continues to find solutions for the most vulnerable patients in long-term care facilities. He helps them get better and get back out to their families, which at the end of the day is all we want. Often timesI miss seeing him, but I know he’s putting forth efforts most of us couldn’t find the strength to do for as long as he has. Thank you, Nick, for your compassion and resilience.”  





Healthcare Heroes Daniel from Bala Woods Apartments

Bala Woods Apartments – Kingwood, TX 

“I would like to recognize Daniel as a professional hero. He has worked countless hours as a respiratory therapist supervisor to come up with procedures and enforce those procedures to keep his fellow respiratory therapist safe. Without his dedication in these troubling times, more healthcare staff would have contracted COVID19 and would not have been able to help those who needed it.” 



Healthcare Heroes Marquez from Balmoral Village ApartmentsBalmoral Village – Peachtree City, GA  


“Marquez is a firefighter/paramedic for the city of Newnan. I make sure to tell him to be safe every morning before his shift because he puts his life on the line to save others. He doesn’t look at it as being a job, but a lifestyle and he does it proudly! Not everyone is fit to be a fireman and paramedic, so his daughter and I are proud that he takes a risk to make sure his community is safe. Marquez wouldn’t personally consider himself a hero because he would say, “Being a hero could get you hurt,” but to us, he is a hero in our eyes and hearts!” 




Healthcare Heroes Nicole from Northbridge Millenia ApartmentsNorthbridge at Millenia Lake – Orlando, FL 

“When we asked our residents to nominate a Healthcare Hero within their community, I never expected we would get over 500 submissions. Each nomination was full of intimate details about the Healthcare Hero, and I’m humbled after reading each nomination. I felt connected with the Healthcare Hero being nominated and could see why the resident was nominated as our Healthcare Hero.  

Some of my favorite nominations were spouses nominating each other, expressing their love and gratitude to their loved ones like Juan, from Northbridge nominating his wife, Nicole.”  

“This person is an amazing and caring human being. She started her career as a medical assistant, and now she is pursuing her physician assistant masters. She is devoted to helping others and I am proud of her for that. She is passionate about her job, and it reflects in her personal life. I am proud to call her my wife.   She looks just as good in her scrubs as she did in her wedding dress.” 

– Johnna Bacak, Venterra Realty – Online Reputation Specialist 


Looking for a way to thank the medical professionals in your community? Here are some great ideas to consider! 


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