Honoring Venterra’s Healthcare Heroes

healthcare heroes - doctor maskWhen it comes to well-respected careers, one of the first industries that comes to mind is healthcare. Whether a doctor, nurse, EMT, or pharmacist, medical professionals have an inherent desire to help people and are truly passionate about what they do. As we navigate the difficulties and stressors brought on by coronavirus, healthcare professionals are in the spotlight more than ever before. 

With thousands of people being diagnosed and hospitalized due to coronavirus, the need for testing, treatment, and care of people around the world is critical We’ve seen news stories and social media posts that highlight the long hours they are consistently working while also risking their own health to improve the health of others. We are very grateful for the dedication and commitment to the health and wellness of all.  

We’ve extended a thank you to healthcare heroes who would like to become a part of our communities by waiving deposit fees for new apartment leases for medical professionals with approved credit through the month of June, and we are sharing a special thank you with healthcare hero family members of our Venterra team members.

healthcare heroes - tee front healthcare heroes - tee backWe want our residents and employees to know that we care about those that mean the most to them, so we’ve asked them to share stories about the healthcare heroes in their lives. To date, we’ve received more than 500 stories nominating individuals for personal recognition and a “thank you” from Venterra in the form of a gift card and a “Healthcare Hero” tee-shirt, and we’re looking forward to surprising these individuals in the days to follow! 

Looking for a way to thank the medical professionals in your community? Here are some great ideas to consider!

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