National Volunteer Week 2018

National Volunteer Week was a great opportunity for our teams to get out into their communities and show that Venterra Cares!

national volunteer weekWhether it was helping animals in need by volunteering at a local animal shelter, making new friends at a senior home, setting Better Living goals to give back more often, or supporting Venterra’s 2018 focus on ending homelessness, our employees had no shortage of ways to spend a few of their paid volunteer hours off, and our partnership with VolunteerMatch helped make it even easier to find a cause worth volunteering for.

In celebration National Volunteer Week and all the effort that went into it, employees had a chance to show their spirit of volunteerism by sporting their Venterra Cares tees for our most recent Fun Friday. Check out the Venterra Cares fun below!

Did you spend time giving back to your community for National Volunteer Week this year? Let us know how in the comments section below!

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