National Pet Adoption Day

Venterra celebrated National Pet Adoption Day in a big way this year!

national pet adoption day cat pawNational Pet Adoption Day, observed on April 30th each year, helps raise awareness of shelter pets who are in need of a forever home. Whether it serves as a wake-up call to the needs of our furry friends, motivation to start the search for your newest family member, or a little extra push to volunteer and/or donate to your local animal shelter, the day is definitely a great way to bring attention to this important cause.

Our celebrations on National Puppy Day and our ongoing love for our four-legged pals definitely speak towards our appreciation for the pets in our lives, but we saw National Pet Adoption Day as a great opportunity to spread the love even further by making an impact on the lives of the pets that haven’t yet found a human family to call their own.

With these animals and our Venterra Cares program in mind, we launched our “Adopt a Pet” campaign. The initiative encouraged our current and future residents to adopt a new pet from their local shelter by waiving all upfront pet fees for any pet adopted between April 27th and April 30th at every community across the Venterra portfolio. We were thrilled to see all the happy human and animal faces that resulted from the campaign and are looking forward to all the happy memories that are sure to follow in the years to come!

In addition to our Adopt a Pet campaign, a couple of our communities showed a little extra pet love with their recent fur baby “pawties.” CoHo and South Shore Lakes Apartments held pet-centered celebrations for their furry residents complete with photo booths, treats, toys, ice cream, and gift card raffle. We can’t wait to see this newest round of four-legged residents joining in for the next pawty!

Check out all the adorable action below!

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