Signs of a Great Company

GreatWorkplaceSigns-GDFrom comes an awesome list of indicators of greatness when it comes to looking at organizations from the employee perspective. More and more companies are seeing the value of focusing not just on the experience of their customers, but on that of their employees, as well. Happier employees means happier customers and management, more productivity, and just better business all around.

Find out how your company stacks up by checking out the list of great signs below. For a full breakdown with additional details on each of these items check out LifeHack’s full article here!

  • The leadership is honest, approachable and fair
  • There is room for growth
  • There is open collaboration between everyone
  • There is constructive feedback
  • There is an extensive hiring process to prevent toxic workers
  • There is a small company feel
  • There is a large focus on morale between employees, management and their families
  • The atmosphere is fun and rewarding
  • There is a diverse work environment
  • The pay is fair for the job that is asked
  • There are clear expectations set and instructions on how to meet those expectations
  • There are occasional breaks in the work-day

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