T&TChallegeA new Better Living challenge is underway! For the month of June our employees have been encouraged to participate in our  “30 Day Tone & Tighten Challenge!” 

Inspired by 30dayfitnesschallenges.com, in this Better Living goal participating employees have made a month long commitment to getting their arms, legs, core, and/or glutes in better shape through a series of specific exercises they’ll do each day. With access to video tutorials and target area specific exercise calendar guides, employees who are participating in our June challenge have everything they need to take their fitness to the next level! Get a feel for what they have in store for them from the 30 Day Fitness Challenges website here!

ResistanceBandAs a reward for their Better Living, employees who successfully complete their goal for the month will be receiving a resistance band so they can keep up their healthy habit wherever they go!

There’s no doubt that we’ll being seeing a more fit and healthy team in no time! You can do it, Venterra!


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