2012: A Year of Growth

2012 was a strong year of growth for Venterra not only with adding more apartment homes to our portfolio, but growing our employees into promotable positions. We grew our employee count by 21% last year as well as added 19% to our total number of apartment homes. Growth is both exciting and fun and there is no doubt that we can’t have long-term success without strong, committed employees.

Growing as a company has led to plenty of opportunities for our current and committed employees to be promoted into other positions and grow as individuals. As our third Leader Promise states, ‘We will invest in your professional development and strive to promote from within’, we can certainly say that we kept that promise in 2012! Over the course of last year, Venterra promoted 16% of its employees totaling 70 promotions. I can’t stress enough how important our company culture and values are to sustained growth and long-term success.  I view company culture as something we never stop working at as it is the glue that keeps everything together.   It is a never ending focus in the pursuit of being a World Class company.  Congratulations to all employees who were promoted in 2012!

Here is what a few of our newly promoted employees had to say about how they achieved their promotion:

David Williams“I think a strong drive to be the best at whatever it is I am doing is one thing that has led me to success with Venterra. I will not settle for just getting the job done. I am also extremely goal driven. I set attainable personal goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and work hard to reach them. I think my passion for art and sculpting helps me with creativity and thinking outside the box to problem solve. It just so happens that I also love getting to know people on a personal level and I have a knack for remembering names, which helps tremendously to build rapport with my residents.”

-David Williams Assistant Property Manager, Timbermill, Houston, TX

Richard Collins Blog

“I would have to say that I credit my success to hard work, paying attention to detail and to the people I work with. What I have done to promoted was put 110% into everything I do for the community I’m on. I have been with Venterra for about 1 1/2 years now and the thing I love the most is helping people whenever I can and the Race for the Cure.”

-Richard Collins, Assistant Maintenance Manager, Carlyle Place, San Antonio, TX

Michelle Miegs Blog Photo“I would have to say hard work and taking the initiative to go beyond the expected plays a huge role in my success as well as keeping a positive attitude. Even when a little part of me has my doubts, I try not to ever think “I can’t do this or learn this”. Negativity in any form can affect every aspect of success or failure. I love that I have not ever once dreaded coming to work. This speaks volumes for me because I spent 10 years in a job where I did dream more days than not. Life is too short to be unhappy. Most of all, I love the excitement that each new day brings. You never know who you can uplift and bring cheer to. This is a wonderful thing!”

-Michelle Meigs, Property Manager, Park Manor, Newman, GA


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