Venterra’s 2nd Annual Mentor Workshop

This past May, the Training Department hosted Venterra’s 2nd annual Mentor Workshop in San Antonio. This year the theme was “Make a Difference. Make it Happen. Make the Commitment.” The focus was on our positional training programs we currently have in place which consist of our Property Manager Mentor, Maintenance Manager Mentor, Assistant Property Manager Mentor and Leasing training programs.

Highlights of the workshops included:

  • Updating current positional training curriculum
  • Defining key skills Venterra’s A Players possess
  • Creating training curriculum to use for Developmental Training
  • Incorporating the “WHY” into our current training materials so that all employees have a better understanding of not just “How” Venterra does it, but “Why” and the importance behind it.


Based off the survey results we received, this year’s Mentor Workshops were once again deemed a success with 96% of attendees being very satisfied! I would like to thank the following people who helped organize the events:

Mary Green, Bridget Sherrod, Joey Bruce, Kristi Gillespie, Jessica Nofsinger and Natasa Hadjigerorgiou.  

I would also like to thank the attendees for participating in this workshop and taking time to mentor our new employees and recently promoted employees and help them gain a strong foundation to be successful with Venterra:

Chris Griffin, Diana Calderon, Ashli Butler, Candi Garland, Eastin Isaac, Jessica Nofsinger, Stephanie Snow, LeAnn Cordes, Lauren Brooks, Shana Jones, Veronica Mier, Adriana Galicia, Robert Dunn, Robert Herrera, Primotivo Berrospes, Barry Rhodes, Mel Hubbard, Jaime Galvan, Allen Rafieha, Tony Thanos, Brandi Polvado, Fabiola Celado, Sheryll Autrey, Floralicia Contreras, Chelsea Hubbard, Christy Hein, and Erin Cross.


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