A big thanks goes to our Atlanta region for participating in Atlanta’s Race for the Cure on Saturday, May 12th. There were 19 members of Team Atlanta & the Team raised a total of $1,221.69 in fundraising with Cridlanian Lindsay in the lead raising $501.69, Debbie Eads raising $250, Lauren Brooks raising $150,  Curtis Oeser  raising $125, Scott Alexander & Michelle Frye raising $75, Jacqui Sullivan raising $45, and Ian Ritchie & Frances Yanez raising $25! Way to go, Team Atlanta!

Thanks to the following people for participating in Atlanta’s Race:

  • Scott Alexander
  • Debbie Eads
  • Michelle Frye
  • Deana Irvin
  • Cassandra Kirkland
  • Cridlaian Lindsay
  • Zuly Lozano
  • Michelle Meigs
  • Tansy Miller
  • Minerva Monger
  • Curtis Oeser
  • Ian Ritchie
  • Nelson Rodriquez
  • Edie Sanders
  • James Skinner
  • Jacqui Sullivan
  • Jose Torres
  • Robert Thomas
  • Frances Yanez

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