The San Antonio region participated in their Race for the Cure on Saturday, May 12th. There were 31 members of Team San Antonio & the Team raised a total of $1468 thanks to the fundraising efforts of Joey Bruce, raising $800 and Maitina Morrissey raising $668! Way to go!

Thanks to the following people for participating in San Antonio’s Race!

  • Ryan Andrews
  • Vanessa Aragon
  • Sheryll Autrey
  • Johnna Bacak
  • Danny Banegas
  • Joey Bruce
  • Diana Calderon
  • Eduardo Cervantes
  • Richard Collins
  • Robert Dunn
  • Chris Earle
  • Sally Flores
  • Pedro Gandara
  • Michael Garcia
  • Megan Gustafson
  • Teresa Heeney
  • Keli Jenkins
  • Margarita Lazcano
  • Michael Martinez
  • Joe Mata
  • Alma Menchaca
  • Jonathan Moreno
  • Maitina Morrissey
  • Amelia Nieto
  • Chad Roark
  • David Rojas
  • Sammy Roque
  • Stephanie Snow
  • Nicholas Tyser
  • Marcus Wilson
  • Marisela Vara



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