Our Team Member & Employer Promises

It’s not easy to create an award-winning company culture, and maintaining the type of environment that folks are excited to be part of is absolutely a group effort. While an alignment between employer Core Values and employee values is a must, everyone involved has an active role in creating an amazing workplace.

Our Team Member and Employer Promises remind us of what’s needed to make it happen.

Venterra Team Member & Employer Promises
Venterra’s Team Member and Employer Promises.

Our most recent Great Place to Work survey results show that we’re making good on the employer promises we’ve made to our team members:

Respect & Fairness: The anonymous survey indicated that 92% of our team members feel we’re a great place to work, as compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. And 93% of respondents agreed with the statement: “I am treated as a full member here regardless of my position.”

Having a Voice: Nine out of 10 Venterra team members agree with the statements “I feel I make a difference here,” “I can be myself around here,” and “management genuinely seeks and responds to suggestions and ideas.”

Professional Development: With more than half of our corporate and regional positions having been filled through internal promotions, it’s no surprise that 90% of those surveyed agreed that they are offered training or development to further themselves professionally and that more than 80% feel “promotions go to those who best deserve them.”

Feedback: 89% of survey respondents agree that they “can ask management any reasonable question and get a straight answer” and “management is approachable and easy to talk with.”

Having Fun & Celebrating Success: With 89% of respondents reporting that Venterra is a “fun place to work” and 92% agreeing that “people celebrate special events around here,” it’s clear that making time for fun remains a priority across the Venterra portfolio.

Appreciation & Recognition: Whether it’s through our WOW Matters program, our annual Kick Off Events and award ceremonies, or any of the other countless ways our leaders have found to express their gratitude, nearly 90% of our surveyed team members agreed that “everyone has an opportunity to get special recognition” at Venterra.

Tools & Resources: Survey responses showed 92% of Venterra colleagues agree that they’re “given the resources and equipment to do their job” and that “our facilities contribute to a good work environment.”

Ready to make our team member promises and enjoy our industry-leading company culture? Check out our career opportunities and apply here!

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