Take Your Dog to Work Days

Our “Take Your Dog to Work Days” remains one of the favorites among Venterra perks! Our team members love having an opportunity to bring their furry friends into the office, and research has shown that there are plenty of benefits to having our canine pals around during the workday:

  • Stress Relief: Studies have found that when a pet’s adorable face is melting your heart, it’s melting away stress, too. Employees who bring their dogs to work show fewer physical signs of experiencing stress than those that don’t, and the benefits can last past the visit.
  • Innovation: Believe it or not, having a dog in the office can help get your gears turning. Pets tend to bring a great fresh energy in the door so we feel more creative, and taking them out for regular walks is a great way to take a mental break.
  • Camaraderie: There’s nothing quite like a pet to help break the ice. Having our pups in Venterra offices is a great excuse for our colleagues to bond and get to know each other better. On top of that, our current and future residents can learn more about us personally when they meet the furriest members of our family.
  • Work/Life Balance: It’s natural to miss the ones we love when we’re away from them, and we all love our pets to death. Having a chance to break up the regular routine with Take Your Dog to Work Days is a treat for all involved.
Take Your Dog to Work Days - Dogs in the office banner.

Our team members love showing off their canine office visits with us and on social media, so we thought we would to take the opportunity to share some of the puppy love here. Check out a few of the furry faces to have recently shown up in our offices below!

Have a human friend who might be interested in being part of our award-winning culture? Refer them to us and you could end up with $500 in your pocket in no time!

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