Venterra’s Leadership Survey

Venterra is committed to providing a positive work environment for our employees that is consistent with our Employer Promise. Making good on the promise that our employees “will have a voice” means providing multiple platforms where they are able to be heard. Over the last 11 years, we have conducted a company-wide employee survey with this goal in mind and eight years ago, we separated the original employee survey into the following components:

  • A company-wide Employee Satisfaction survey through Great Place to Work which takes place earlier in the year and is focused on broad company themes. Employee responses in this survey are 100% confidential.
  • A Leadership Survey which takes place later in the year focused on manager/team member relationships and Venterra’s values. An employee’s name is tied to their reply for our Leadership Survey, but responses are only given to their manager’s manager.

Leadership Survey - DecisionWiseWe have once again partnered with DecisionWise to secure the valuable feedback our Leadership Survey provides. The feedback received from the Leadership Survey is critical to the ongoing personal development of our Venterra leaders.  Our team members are in a unique position to help identify personal development opportunities that might otherwise be missed, so their candid input is very important to us.

We want employees providing feedback to have a reasonable timeframe in which they’ve worked with their supervisor, so we asked all employees hired prior to November 1st to complete the survey. With the flexibility to complete the survey in English or Spanish and in a way that suits them best (i.e. office computer, home computer, mobile device, or anywhere that has internet access,) we’re able to ensure that Venterra team members are comfortable participating. Last year we had a very impressive 93% response rate!

The Leadership Survey has 21 scaled questions and two open-ended questions, and employees are encouraged to provide any additional comments they may have. In some cases, two managers play an important role in the Employee Experience so we give the opportunity to provide feedback on both managers. At the conclusion of the survey period, each leader receives general comments on overall scoring and any consistent feedback from their team members. Because it is such a valuable leadership development tool, we hope that Venterra employees are willing to provide open and candid feedback, but for those who wish to provide confidential feedback, Venterra’s EthicsPoint line remains available, as well.

With the flexibility to complete the survey in English or Spanish and in a way that suits them best (i.e., office computer, home computer, mobile device, or anywhere that has internet access,) Venterra is able to help ensure that their team members are comfortable participating. Last year Venterra saw an impressive 93% response rate, and, this year, a full 94% of Venterra employees participated in the survey.

2020 Leadership Survey results revealed a 92% overall score for Venterra’s leaders, and 92% of Venterra team members indicated that their direct manager “seems to care about me as a person.”

“Our annual Leadership Survey has been invaluable in identifying areas where individuals responsible for creating a positive employee experience are succeeding and where they have room to grow,” said Venterra Chairman, Andrew Stewart. Venterra CEO,  John Foresi, added, “We thank our employees for their time and candid feedback. We’re listening and looking forward to building a stronger Venterra with the help of the information gathered in this year’s survey.”

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