Venterra Fun in 2019

It’s no secret that we’re all about employees across the Venterra portfolio finding ways to have a blast in our offices and our communities. In fact, keeping Venterra fun is such an important part of our company culture that “making time to have fun and celebrate success” is one of our Leader Promises! Venterra teams are pretty darn good at finding ways to make it happen all on their own, but initiatives like our Fun Committee, Family Fun Days, Maintenance and Leasing Appreciation Weeks, and Bring Your Dog to Work Days definitely help keep the importance of having fun at work in front of mind.

With the year behind us, we were happy to take the opportunity to look back at the year and reflect on how we made time to cut loose and have some seriously good times in 2019. Check out the video below, which debuted at our Roaring 20s in 2020 Kick Off Parties, to see a few of the ways our teams kept Venterra fun throughout the year!

Know someone who should be part of all the Venterra fun? Refer them to us for a leasing, maintenance, management, or corporate role, and you could find yourself $250 richer in no time flat!

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