The Venterra Disney Vacation Suite

Now that a bit of time has passed since it’s rolled out, I wanted to take an opportunity to comment on one of our newer employee perks that seems to have been a big hit: our free Orlando Vacation Suite.

The benefits of a free stay in one of the country’s biggest tourist attraction cities have definitely been well received by everyone and it’s been great seeing how many of our employees have taken advantage of the new perk. Since reservations became available last fall, the vacation suite at Falcon Square Apartments has proven to be a hot commodity with nearly all of the available days for reservations having quickly disappeared from March through September of this year.

The vacation suite has been given a five-star rating for “overall experience” from all the employees who completed our survey following their stay – definitely no small feat given the level of satisfaction Venterra employees have come to expect. A big “thank you” goes out to everyone involved in the launch of the vacation suite initiative and our Falcon Square staff who play a huge role in making this unique perk successful.

Check out a few of the things visiting employees have said and some of the photos we’ve had come in from those who’ve enjoyed their Orlando stay below.

I’m so glad to see so many folks had such a great time taking advantage of this opportunity. In keeping with our Core Value of a “Never-ending Pursuit of Excellence,” we’re constantly looking for ways to create an awesome experience not just for our residents, but also for our employees. I’m looking forward to us continuing to find fun, new ways to improve the employee experience.

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