Our Leader Promise that our employees will have a voice is demonstrated in a number of ways in our organization. One that is definitely a favorite is our Better Way contest in which we ask our team members to submit ideas that could make life better for our residents or help to strengthen and improve us as an organization. Gathering ideas and working together to continuously improve our operations is what makes Venterra one of the best in the business!

In 2016 we had over 700 submissions. That means that since 2011 we have had over 3,000 total Better Way submissions. we selected 75 winning employee suggestions to implement, nearly doubling the number of 2015 winners, and have awarded over $60,000 in prizes and awards for the winning suggestions since the Better Way program was created. Truly exceptional, but there can only be one $2,000 Grand Prize winner each year!

Congratulations to Timber Mill, Community Manager, Brenda Grasha who was awarded this title during our 2017 Kick-Off Parties! Join us in congratulating Brenda in the comments section below!

 brenda grasha better way winner 2017



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