Daylon Gets WOWed with New License, Boots, and Mugs!

daylon wow-eeWe’ve got yet another amazing employee WOW moment to share! This one comes courtesy of our Monticello Oaks Community Manager and Experience Leader, Margarita Figueroa. She took it upon herself to surprise Daylon with a three-fold WOW moment!

“Daylon has been a great help in my transition into the Community Manager role and my new community. He goes above and beyond to make sure his community and residents are taken care of! It does not go unnoticed, I truly appreciate all that he does. He was in need of new boots and I kept hearing him go on about his fishing/hunting license. I thought it would be a great way to WOW him so we set him up with new boots, the license, and some awesome Ozark Trail tumblers for his trips!”

Daylon is sure to put his new license, boots, and mugs to good use onsite and on his trips! Way to keep your ears open to surprise him in a thoughtful and personalized way, Margarita! Way to go!  



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