Want to Be More Productive? Take a Lunch Break!

It’s easy to think that eating your lunch while you’re working, or even working through your lunch break, is boosting your work output by a solid hour. Looking at a mountain of work in front of you can definitely make it tempting to short yourself the daily break in an attempt to get a leg up on tasks. Turns out, that might not be the best move.

Lunch Break - GDCourtesy of TheMuse.com comes an article from Kat Boogaard, I (Bravely) Ate Lunch Away From My Desk for a Week and Here’s What I Learned. Kat’s experience in making a change by breaking away from the chains of her desk is definitely an eye opener when it comes to the importance of recharging, balancing life and work during the work day, and the way our brains can make us think our productivity is top-notch when, in reality, we could be doing better if we just took a bit of time for ourselves.

Be sure to check out Kat’s full article, and let us know if you can relate to her experience in the comments section below! 

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