July Better Living Winners

Congratulations to our monthly Better Living winners for July!

For our July winners, 5 individuals jumped out at us for their participation in their own personal goals and the Better Living monthly challenges. Take a look at who they are and see why each of them were chosen winners!

Tracy Wall

Tracy Wall at Carlyle Place Apartments continued her Better Living focus during the month of July! Tracy was chosen to win this month for her participation in the 30 Day Pick Your Own Challenge where she focused on getting out and participating in family activities. She has also set a personal goal of staying within a budget and has made great progress. Her July participation included 75 updates with tons of pictures and videos about her progress as well as 35 encouraging comments! AMAZING!


giselle cernaGiselle Cerna from the Reflections on Sweetwater won again in July for participating in the Pick Your Own 30 Day Challenge and focus on meal planning. She stayed on top of her goal by posting 23 updates throughout the month, as well as providing plenty of encouraging words to help others do the same! Giselle’s updates included some fantastic tips on different recipes to try and fitness facts. How great is that?! Way to show your support for Better Living, Giselle!


Stephany Perez Better LivingCongratulations to Stephany Perez De Martino from Reflections on Sweetwater for her participation in July’s 30 Day Pick Your Own Challenge! Stephany chose to complete a 30 day fitness challenge took the time to stay on track with her goal by updating her goal 23 times! I especially liked seeing her share pics of her determination to conquer Stone Mountain! She even made time to cheer on others on the Venterra team by leaving 17 encouraging comments! Way to go Stephany! She has earned herself $125!


Mollie Witt Better LivingCongratulati ons goes to Mollie Witt from the Houston Region! Mollie participated in the Pick Your Own 30 Day Challenge by paying it forward daily.  I was inspired by reading all the little things Mollie did daily to brighten others days.  She kept on track with her goal by posting 20 updates throughout the month and making time to encourage others along the way. Thank you for sharing your journey with us with your updates and photos, Mollie! Your $125 is well earned!


tracy rees

We would also like to congratulate Tracy Rees for completing the 30 Day Pick Your Own Challenge where she made more time for the things she loved! Tracy updated her goal with 10 updates and showed us some pretty fun moments she experienced over the month. Who doesn’t love singing out loud in your car or taking a walk with your kid even if it is to find Pokemon! She also managed to post 47 encouraging comments to other Better Living participants.  Congratulations! Slowing down and making time to enjoy what you love has earned her $125!


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