Our Q2 Better Way Winners!

The “Better Way” contest is an important initiative truly rooted in the culture of Venterra with the goals of providing a Better Way of Living for customers and a Better Way of Life for our team members.  Gathering ideas and working together to continuously improve our operations is what makes Venterra one of the best companies in the business!

The contest is still going strong in 2016!  We carry on the tradition of years’ past with a program that truly embodies our core values by ensuring every Venterra team member has a voice and we are able to recognize the collective experience of the Venterra team. We had several hundred submissions again in Q2 and an AMAZING 22 Better Way winners in ONE quarter! How good is the Better Way contest in 2016? In 2015 we had 39 winners. Halfway through 2016, we already have 47!

Congratulations to the following Better Way Winners for submitting one or more winning suggestions during the second quarter of the year.  Each winning suggestion earned them $100 and entry into the end of the year Regional contest – $500 to each winner – and the GRAND PRIZE of a fabulous trip for two or $2000 which will be announced at Kick-Off next year!

Abby Beita
Alex RafiehaBetter Way winners light bulb
Andrew Anthon
Chelsea Ramirez
Diane Tidwell
Elizabeth Leschander
Jason Halpert
Jennifer Glenn
Jennifer Iannuzzi
Jennifer Mendez
Kristen Earle
Kristina Shaw
Lisa Baudler
Luis Gutierrez
Maria Moya
Raquita McCollister
Stacey Shropshire
Stephanie Burns
Stephen Burley
Tracy Wall

A BIG Thank You goes out to everyone who participated in the Better Way contest in Q2! Join us in congratulating these individuals in the comments section below!

We’re looking forward to reviewing all of this quarter’s suggestions and announcing winners again soon!

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