A Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival Surprise!

Our Experience Leaders are continuing to create amazing moments for our employees! Check out how Reflections on Sweetwater Community Manager, Tracy Rees,  WOWed the community’s Porter, Vince!

Vince Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival WOW-EE

“Vince takes the meaning of TEAM to an entirely new level. Not only does he do an excellent job as our groundskeeper, he also does a great job building up the team by always having a smile on his face, looking at the positive of any situation, always making us laugh, and doing things for others just to be kind.

We are fortunate to have him on our team and figured it was time to do something nice for him! He loves bourbon, so when we saw that there was a Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival coming to Atlanta, we knew it was right up his alley, so we got him a couple of VIP tickets! We appreciate all that he does and look forward to seeing festival pics and hearing all about the BBQ!” 


What a great way to reward an employee for being awesome, Tracy!

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