Phrases You’ll Never Hear Successful People Say

Phrases You'll Never hear successful people sayNo matter what type of work you’re in, you’ll likely come across a lot of definitely types of people with a lot of definitely attitudes about work. If you start listening closely to the things that come out of your and your coworkers mouths, you might be in for a surprise. There are a lot of phrases that get thrown around by people in professional settings everyday that are big indicators of a lack of self-confidence or general negative outlook on work or life overall. These aren’t phrases you’ll hear successful people caught dead saying.

TheMuse LogoSo, what are some of the biggies that you might be hearing or even saying yourself? A solid list comes courtesy of Their article “11 Everyday Phrases You’ll Never Hear Successful People Say” digs into just a a few of these career-killing and cringe-inducing statements. From a subtle “no problem” to the more obvious “I hate this job” this is definitely a list worth checking out to make sure that you and peers are on the road to success when it comes to your vocab!

What other phrases do you think are a giveaway that someone is in the wrong state of mind at work? Share with us below!

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