May Better Living Winners

Congratulations to our monthly Better Living winners for May!

For our May winners, 5 individuals jumped out at us for their participation in their own personal goals and the Better Living monthly challenges. Take a look at who they are and see why each of them were chosen winners!

Tracy Wall

Our 2015 grand prize winner continues her win streak! Congratulations again to Tracy Wall at Carlyle Place Apartments! In addition to providing 17 encouraging comments on others’ goals, Tracy was chosen to win this month for her participation in the 30 Day New Hobby Challenge and other ongoing goals. Tracy provided more than 50 goal updates throughout the month including tons of photos and a video, too! We can’t wait to hear what she’s planning to do with her $125 winnings!


giselle cernaGiselle Cerna from Reflections on Sweetwater is a winner again this month for her efforts and updates in the 30 Day New Hobby Challenge! Giselle shared tons of updates and inspirational quotes as she took on the goal to read more. For stepping up to meet her goals, Giselle is $125 richer!



sandraCongratulations also goes out to Sandra Mulumba from the Houston Corporate Office for her participation in May’s 30 Day New Hobby Challenge! Sandra was busy during the month working honing her photography and art skills. She shared her photos and masterpieces throughout the month and showed she’s got some serious talent! Way to go Sandra! You have earned yourself $125!

Kimberly BakerWe had TWO TOP ENCOURAGERS this month! A big congratulations also to our first TOP ENCOURAGER, Kimberly Baker from Bala Woods. Kim was also a huge goal supporter in May. With 27 encouraging comments left on the goals of others folks, she was a great cheerleader for others during the month while still providing photo updates on her own goal! You’ve got $100 coming your way soon, Kimberly!


tracy reesAnd congratulations goes again to our 2015 Top Encourager winner Tracy Rees from Reflections on Sweetwater. In addition to more than 20 updates on her own goal, Tracy left nearly 50 comments for her teammates on the site during the month. Her personalized and thoughtful comments continue to inspire others to make their goals a reality! Tracy has another $100 bonus coming her way!


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