Our Top 1% ORA Power Rankings Communities!

ORA power rankings j turner eliteWe’re honored to have had the following four of our communities rank in the Top 1% of Apartment Communities in the 2015 ORA Power Rankings by J Turner Research for their Online Reputation!

These communities registered an an ORA™ (Online Reputation Assessment) Score of 84 and higher where the national average ORA™ score is 56.15.

This recognition is a reflection of our continued focus on our Customer Service Vision and of our Core Values. Take a moment to read all about these rankings and how me made J Turner Research’s Top Properties list in PRNewswire’s article on our recognition here.

Congratulations to these communities for their continued efforts and focus on delivering our residents a true “Better Way of Living!”


2 thoughts on “Our Top 1% ORA Power Rankings Communities!”

  1. Mihsah Wordlaw

    Balmoral Village PTC GA..This is the email I sent to office and regional.
    I again have a broken air conditioner for the second time. I called your after hour service and it clearly states this is one of the reasons for my repair to be considered an emergency. The maintenance man called back and first told me it was a repair that would need to be completed but not an emergency and he would get to it in the morning. I reminded him that this was considered a emergency according to the message on your line due to it being 92 degrees outside. He then said it was a hazard for him yet its a certain risk to my children being that my son is very asthmatic and if heat is this hot in addiction to the pollen he could end up in the hospital. This is the very reason why I have choose to move instead of paying another dime here. Myself nor my children are comfortable here anymore. Peaceful enjoyment has been ruined due to safety concerns in my unit. Mold, broken doors, floor boards missing, front door not secure even after I informed you’ll it needed to be repaired since neighborhood children pushed the door in. Toilets barely flushing, tub clogged, sinks clogged and garbage disposal broken. Can’t pay my hard earned money into a property as this one. This apartments interior walls cant even be wiped off because you’ll used flat paint even in the kitchen. Paint comes off on the sponge. You’ll seem to only be interested in filling units and forging a front to prospective tenants. So very unfair! When I speak on things I’m told to lower my voice, I’m not a child and I’m well aware of companies taking advantage of consumers because they have ridiculous laws that say you can, well do as you’ll choose. God handles all people in his time. Use my deposit for my June rent and suck up these damages because they belong to you and myself nor any member of my household has caused any damage. This apartment wasn’t even cleaned when I moved in. FYI if my son falls ill due to your staffs refusal to service this units air conditioner and its about 92 degrees outside and hotter in this unit, I will sue for hospital bills and etc…I promise!


    Mihsah Wordlaw

    1. Eastin Isaac, Recruiter/Brand Specialist, Experience Leader

      Mihsah – Thank you for brining this to our attention. So sorry to hear about the negative experiences.

      We’ll be more than happy to pass your comments along to the appropriate managers to ensure we take the steps necessary to have you and your son taken care of. You can definitely expect a contact from a Regional Manager in the near future to talk these issues through in more detail.

      Thank you again,

      Venterra Realty, Recruiting Department

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